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People orientation concept

Stick to motivate people with vision goals, foster talent with career development platform, keep talents with emotion and treatment, and encourage talents to constantly transcending themselves.

Human resources objective

Sticking to "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, our company attract, develop and retain high-level talents closely related to business industry, and build elite talent teams with reasonable configuration and structural optimization; form effective macro and micro human resources development and management capacity, and form humane and efficient management of all levels of staff; constantly improve innovation remuneration system, adapt to corporate brand and scale, protect reasonable flow, provide solid guarantee for stabilizing backbone workforce; shape excellent employer image, and build a "learning organization" staff development mechanisms, effectively promoting common development of employees and enterprises. Through effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, management enhancement strategy, compensation and benefits strategy and employer brand strategy, we create a good talent career development environment.

Human resource mechanism

Yunzhong regards talent as company's most important asset and driving force for long-term development. By establishing personnel training mechanism of echelon selection, scientific and fair performance evaluation mechanism, disaggregated systematic training mechanism, rich and reasonable welfare distribution system, we will build community with long-term win-win interests between enterprise and employees, and achieve common development of enterprise and employees.